SENSEI PAMELAAssistant chief Instructor (ACI) / Fitness, Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer


Well over 35 years as a seasoned martial artist, Sensei Pamela journey has allowed her to train in many involving forms, some as we know them today. From a very young age, Pamela Sensei's journey began by attending a popular Kung Fu class where she trained at the Rose Lipman Library London N1. 

When the Sifu moved away the club lacking drive closed its door. Seeking a form to fuse with her enthusiasm of the arts Pamela enrolled on her first journey to learning Karate at the renown Inshallah School of Karate a style structured under the (multi-mechanism-style “Inter Style Karate “which covers mainly the four pillars of Karate - Wado Ryu, Shotokan, Goju Ryu & Shito Ryu). Pamela trained under the founder of Inshallah School of Karate, Hanshi Carl T Prempeh-Dyer VII (8th Dan). There, she was trained hard and later through selection process Pamela was selected to represent the ISK (aka Inter Style Karate England) and through another selection process the English Korean Karate Association England squad (aka EKKA) Founder Mick Blackwell, Chief Referee Billy Brennan away Coach, Carl Taj Prempeh Dyer V11. Pamela ability to maintain fitness as a ‘number 2 in the ladies team’ have witnessed her travelling throughout Europe to compete at various tournaments as a national squad member mainly for ISK and during this time, received her Black Belt. 

Sensei Pamela's development journey continued; to - Uechi- Ryu Karate, a Style taught by the highly respected and successful Karate Instructor, Terry Daly. Some years elapse before returning to where the journey first began (Inshallah School of Karate) now known as Olympic Karate Inc. (aka OKI). Through dedication, solemn years of hard training under Hanshi Dyer V11, Pamela sensei ultimately achieved black belt 3rd Dan. Sensei Pamela competence grew both as school teacher and karate instructor thus witnessing her evolution as one of UK black female instructors – a unique development. Sensei Pamela popularity and adept of the style grew along with the knowhow of tournament circuit culture - where guile is held in high regard. 

During consideration for office as the ACI: Pamela Sensei, Ability as, Mother, School Teacher, Karate Instructor, Music Coach, Fitness Coach, a Go-Getter an informative lead have supported the due process whereby Pamela was selected as the Assistant Chief Instructor of Olympic Karate Inc. (OKI) under Shihan Ade Bamidoru.

Sensei Pamela had the pleasure of training and learning from another great man, Greg Francis, founder and creator of FIT2FITE- (Fighting Moves to Funky Grooves) an internationally renowned karate Instructor and Fitness presenter.
Fit2Fite is a blend of non-contact martial art techniques rhythmically synchronised to the finest uplifting dance music to create an energy charged aerobic experience.


  • · PGCE qualification in teaching
  • · Exercise to Music (ETM) group Instructor
  • · FIT2FITE instructor
  • · Certified Fitness, Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • · HND in music technology and music business
  • · Music engineer and producer
  • · Singer and songwriter - Business owner (LTD)


If You Are Fit2Fite, Prove It
Sensei Pamela (June 2013)




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