OKIJ's mission is to improve Jamaica's 'children and young people' their health, family values, educational outcomes, social stance and promote educational activities on issues related to competitiveness, performance and outcomes in the field of martial arts by overcoming obstacles to the development and implementation of doctrine innovation.

A OKIJ Reflection Group and Advisory Group will provide input to and inspiration for the elaboration of OKIJ methods between Parents, Students, Government Departments, Education Institutes, Communities and also between Instructors and Parish Youth Leaders.

The Reflection Group will include top opinion-makers from different communities and background, which have a genuine interest in the success of OKIJ. They also already ensure that our integration into systems are realistic and pragmatic but at the same time they are able to 'think out of the box' and are ready to communicate that level of understanding.

The Advisory Group will bring together high-ranking Instructors, academics, government representative and other stakeholders, mixture of the past and current and faith leaders from different sectors and backgrounds.

OKIJ provides a safe and transparent environment for collaborative training amongst martial arts academia, and Instructors of any style whereby: discoveries are made / research work is shared / syllabuses & curriculum designed / teaching languages and methods are scrutinised. Martial arts child protection procedures are measured under the expertise of Shuseki Shihan Soke Carl Taj Prempeh-Dyer V11 8th Dan and team.

In our uniqueness, OKIJ is addressing profound challenges in the global martial arts operation by developing methods, testing those methods, and disseminating new knowledge to our instructors who in turn provide techniques designed for the real world.