SHUSEKI HANSHI SOKE CARL TAJ PREMPEH-DYER VII 8th DAN Founder, Hanshi Sensei & Performance Director / Cadet Kumite Coach
shihan Carl T Prempeh-Dyer VII UK Karate instructor of instructors

" Master of Cohesion & Diversity "

Title: Lead Instructor / Technical Coach / Performance Director
Rank: 8th Dan
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Ph.D. BSc (Hons)

The mastermind behind the success of the Olympic Karate Inc. group and club international team past and present.

Hanshi Carl started Martial Arts in 1967, first doing Judo for two (2) years, then commence his Karate training from 1969 while studying and maintaining his Karate practise and by much encouragement he did commence his kung fu training in 1990. It is worth knowing although Hanshi Carl was already actively invoveld in training, competing and front of house work as a Lead Instructor for nineteen (19) years; his deep studies and research into Martial arts did not start until 1987.

Hanshi Carl was responsible for the ‘Randomised Trials Karate for Peace 1989’

THIS I CAN TRULY SAY we are the only martial arts group in the UK that insist upon academic and family values and aim to support the academic and personal development of our students to help them become successful citizens!
Shuseki Hanshi Soke Carl Taj Prempeh-Dyer (January 2013)

This distinguished martial artist, in his forty five (45) years of experience has, as a competitor, cumulated well over two hundred (200) trophies. Hanshi Carl has also undertaken studies as a “tournament official” where he achieved qualifications as British Judge for British Karate Federation (BKF) and an England Referee for English Karate Federation and carried duties on their behalf at the National Stadium Crystal Palace. Over the years Hanshi has exhibited tremendous leadership skills as read in his experiences below, Hanshi Carl has also served as advisor to many styles.

Hanshi Carl in early years had major impact and did influence the way children now practice karate. He effected major changes; some as-to the enrolment age to martial arts classes and the rules relating to the ways children do competing in championship today. Inshallah School of Karate along with Hanshi Carl was indeed a significant instrument that brought many good changes which have been adapted and emulated by others. The kind of changes that; brought important scrutiny from the UK Government. About those changes, they have been considered by many as important and far-reaching in the way children do practice karate, grade, compete and manage their own issues through their very own council making decisions and reporting on matters that effects them.

It is no doubt that Hanshi Carl stands renowned as one of UK's most accomplished and experienced martial artists but he's also been hugely influential in society...


Five (5) of the great projects developed by Hanshi Carl:

  • 1. Children Council as Judges, Barristers, Solicitors and Clerk of the Children Courts. 1983
  • 2. Children as Tournament officials. 1986
  • 3. Children Council 1986
  • 4. Theory paper Written exam for Children now know as Martial arts key stage-five5 / Adults Theory Paper Seven7 1986
  • 5. Music during training 1974

  • Many believe Hanshi Carl to be a “Master of Cohesion and Diversity” Olympic Karate Inc has the mantle and knowledge to carry-on.





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    The mastermind behind the success of the O.K.I. group and club international team (past and present)

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